Available services

serviziThe rental service with driver offered by NCC Rome La Capitale is addressed particularly to the need for travel to work.
More and more people for the conduct of its business have the need to travel frequently and feel the need to move in safety, comfort and tranquility.
The rental service with driver NCC LA Roma Capitale, given the quality and nature of the product, therefore, will target mainly to a clientele that is forced by necessity to frequent movement of the medium or long range, and for all those who want to take trips car in perfect serenity.
By now, in fact, a businessman even when moves must keep constantly updated with its headquarters, optimize time doing some practices during the same shifts, receive and transmit data, etc. Driving a vehicle to go to an appointment or from one site to another company or to various commissions would entail, therefore, a huge loss in terms of time and profit.
Only rental service with driver provided by NCC Rome La Capitale for addressing these types of problems. While the driver, with guaranteed professionalism and efficiency, will lead you to your destination, you will have the opportunity to use your time most efficiently, making or receiving phone calls, planning your work or just resting and relaxing before an important meeting.
NCC Rome La Capitale offers an exclusive, elegant, classy to make travel peaceful and relaxing. However, thanks to our very attractive rates, can take advantage of our rental service with driver not only those who have this need for business trips, tourism, recreation, or for the desire and the pleasure of buying a luxury product but also those who need or want to simply make car trips in more comfortable conditions.